Dear Researchers,

Experienced Researchers (PhD holders or those with four years of research experience) can apply for their own Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual funding via the MSCA Individual Fellowships Scheme. An annual call for Individual Fellowships closes in September each year. This year the call will stay open till 12 September 2018. Please follow the link for more information about MSCA IF.

Proposals must be submitted electronically, using the European Commission's Online Submission Service (SEP) accessible via the Participant Portal. The proposal should be prepared by the researcher in cooperation with the applicant organisation, which is represented by the main supervisor in the framework of the proposal. The experienced researcher and the supervisor must be two different people. Proposals can be submitted by the researcher. However, the submission of the proposal (and other actions that follow this procedure such as withdrawal) falls under the final responsibility of the applicant organisation as represented by the main supervisor.

Proposals must be submitted before Thursday 12 September 2018, 17:00:00 Brussels time. To avoid missing the deadline, you should submit your proposal as soon as possible, as it remains possible to reopen, edit and resubmit your proposal as many times as required before the call deadline. Only the last submitted version will be evaluated. For your inquiries regarding MSCA If applications please contact MSCA National Contact Point via 

TÜBİTAK has prepared "Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Individual Fellowships (IF) Pre-evaluation Support" mechanism to increase the success rate of proposals submitted with a host organisation in Turkish Research Area. The aim is to provide pre-evaluation support by consultant/consulting company for projects that will be submitted to MSCA IF 2018 Call before projects submitted. Pre-evaluation support may include reading and evaluation of MSCA IF proposal (written by applicant) by consultant / consulting company, editing, revising and consultancy during application process. MSCA IF Pre-Evaluation Support is for the researchers who have made their project proposals ready to present to the European Commission. Researchers who will apply to MSCA IF Fellowship and undertake in their project proposal to perform 1 year of their project in Turkey can benefit from the support. In other words, the applicants leaving out of Europe and coming back to Turkey for at least 12 months (Global Fellowship) and the applicants coming to Turkey from abroad for the duration of 12-24 month are considered for evaluation. The application of researchers who apply to go to any institution in Europe (since conditions of return are not met) are not accepted. MSCA IF Pre-Evaluation Support deadline for this years' applications is 10 August 2018. Please follow the link for more information. For your inquiries regarding MSCA IF Pre-Evaluation Support please contact with 

If you are looking for a research job position please follow the link or beware that any open positions in Turkey or in any part of the world will be published on EU's EURAXESS jobs portal.

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MSCA Turkey Team