The call for PRIMA Section 2 was ended on 27 March 2018 under the PRIMA Program 2018 Call, which our organization also took part in.

However, as a result of requests from researchers, the deadline for submitting national applications has been changed as 2 April 2018 at 17.00.

The application period has not been extended for international applications that must be made to PRIMA's online system. For this reason, researchers who have not completed their application through PRIMA's online system should not apply for national applications. Only the project proposals, which has completed both of the applications (international and national), will be  evaluated.


For national applications:

The renewed call schedule is as follows:
First Stage Final Application (online application): 2 April 2018 (national application)

Delivery of Signed Certificates for First Stage Applications to TUBITAK: 10 April 2018

Second stage applications: 4 August – 4 September 


Important Note: There is no extension of time for applications made under the 1509 Program for private firms.