Distinguished Researchers, Representatives of Research Performing Institutions,

CoCirculation2 Project Proposal submitted in 2017 by TÜBİTAK EU Framework Programmes National Coordination Office has been funded by European Commission. This is a 5-year project aiming to invite experienced researchers to both academic and non-academic research performing organizations located in Turkey. Within this context, 100 experienced researchers of any nationality who wish to engage in incoming mobility and to spend a period of 24 months in Turkey will be able to apply for a fellowship. 4 calls for proposals will be published. The program will have a bottom-up approach. 

CoCirculation2 is the follow up project of the “Co-funded Brain Circulation Scheme (Co-Circulation)”, which has been funded under the FP7 COFUND call in 2011. As it was the case, this project will also be named as BİDEB 2236 Co-Funded Brain Circulation Scheme and will be executed by TÜBİTAK-BİDEB, the Science Fellowships and Grant Programmes Department within TÜBİTAK. 

In line with the European Commission objectives, the project will contribute to the potential and future career perspectives of researchers in academy and industry while enhancing their international networking and interdisciplinary skills. The total budget of CoCirculation2 will be €14 million half of which is provided by European Commission. 

Experienced researchers who will be funded under this funding mechanism will receive €5050 monthly salary and €800 monthly research, training and networking allowance. Allowances of the researchers will be very similar to those provided under H2020 Marie S. Curie Individual Fellowships

First “call for proposals” under this scheme will be between 1 August – 30 October 2018. Experienced Researchers (having a PhD or at least 4 years research experience) must be non-residing in Turkey for more than 12 months in the three years immediately before the relevant call deadline for submission of proposals in order to be eligible for this funding. This standard mobility rule applies to all applicants not being eligible for the flexible mobility rule. 

Applicants can choose as their main host organisation any academic or non-academic research institute in Turkey with a high international research reputation and can start to work on their proposal from now on.

The project proposes a flexible mobility rule for refugees. This will have a positive impact on the growing refugee crisis that Europe is experiencing and will offer employment offers to researchers with refugee status. The program also introduces a flexible mobility rules for researchers applying with a non-academic host organization. Moreover, TÜBİTAK will provide additional funding to Special Needs researchers, encouraging this group of researchers to apply.

For further details about all those features of CoCircualtion2 (BİDEB 2236) Programme please follow the link and for your inquiries please contact with cocirculation2@tubitak.gov.tr  

Best regards,

TÜBİTAK EU Framework Programmes National Coordination Office